The Pirate Ship

Room Description:

You and your crew have just commandeered an old cog ship. The captain is excited about the new acquisition and has brought the ship to the nearest island to celebrate. There is a rumor of hidden treasure somewhere on the ship left by the previous captain. While everyone else is ashore, you’ve decided to steal the treasure and abandon ship. They will be back in one hour—can you find the treasure and get off the ship before they return?

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  1. Please arrive at the time for which you are scheduled. This will still give you plenty of time to get checked in, sign liability waivers, and hear the rules of the room before your session begins.
  2. Every participant must sign a waiver to play. Players under the age of 18 must have their waiver also signed by a parent or guardian.
  3. All personal belongings should be kept with you and deposited in the designated container inside your room. Except in case of emergency, use of mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, recorders, and the consumption of food and drinks in the rooms are strictly prohibited.
  4. Please use our props with care. Aggressive and violent handling of props is strictly prohibited.
  5. For your own safety and that of our employees and rooms, please do not bring any dangerous items to our business. The possession of flammables, combustibles, and any other item management deems dangerous on premises is strictly prohibited.
  6. In case of emergency or urgency, you may exit and return to a room at any time. If you leave the room for any reason during your session, the 60-minute clock will not stop.
  7. If you or anyone in your group appears under the influence of alcohol or drugs upon arrival, that person will NOT be permitted to enter the puzzle rooms. No refunds will be offered and the person will be asked to leave immediately.
  8. Any violation of these rules shall be grounds for immediate termination of your session and removal from the premises.
  9. We recommend a minimum age of 10 years old. Teens 17 and younger must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Players younger than 15 must have at least one parent or guardian present in the room while they play.

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